Current Offerings

Here is a list of the jams I have available now. The prices for most of them are $8.00 for the 8 oz jars and $5.00 for the 4oz. The only exceptions are the two varieties of Grape Jams and the Raspberry sauce (12oz), which cost $10 for the 8oz jars and $6 for the 4 oz .
To make your gift giving easier I am also offering specially packaged sets of 3. The pretty box adds 3.50/set. I will be posting a picture soon. Here is the list:

-Strawberry Balsamic Jam
-Raspberry Jam
-Raspberry Tart Syrup – yummy for both pancakes and as an addition to drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
-Concord Grape Jam
-Skinless Concord Grape Jam
-Pear Cranberry Jam (few left)
-Fuyu Persimmon Honey Jam (few left)

-Caramelized Grapefruit Lemon Marmalade (for those of us who like bitter marmalades) – (few left)
-Mandarin Marmalade (for those of us who like your marmalade on the sweeter side)

-Spiced Pear Butter
-Apple Pumpkin Butter – just made the last batch of this fall favorite for the season, so grab it while you can.

-Caramelized Red Onion Relish- (delicious with goat cheese, pizza, sausage, ice cream, ok maybe not ice cream but pretty much anything)
-Apple Pear Chutney – great as an appetizer and as a side for meats.
-Hot Red Pepper Jelly
-Sweet Pepper and Onion Jam


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