Three Keys Jams was born out of my love for seasonal produce, wholesome ingredients, small local businesses, and of course a passion for making jams.

I live in South Tampa with my two children and husband. They are my Three Keys to happiness and the story behind the name.

My jams and spreads are made in small batches and are all natural, absolutely no artificial ingredients,  just the fruits, lots of love and a lot less sugar than most jams. I truly only make jams that I love to see my family eating (and I am pretty picky).


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  1. Hi Claudia, this is Min. Happy Holidays and thanks for the kids photos over the years! I saw Larry on Saturday! Good to hear you and kids and family are doing well. Do you ship these jam to California and what’s your preferred payment method – check or credit card? Happy Holidays! Min


    1. Min, sorry about the long delay in getting back to you! It has been crazy here! Happy New Year to you too! Larry really enjoyed visiting with you. I would be happy to ship it to you. I am posting my current flavors, so check it out and let me know what you would like.


  2. Hi there. I would like to get at least 40 oz of your Mandarin Orange Marmalade. I work on West Shore, but live in Brandon so don’t make it to Tampa on the weekends much. How can we make this happen?

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    1. Hi Jennifer. Do you mean 40 oz (5 x 8oz jars) or 40 jars? If 40 oz, I have available right now and would be happy to bring to you at Westshore as I live right off Westshore and Bay to Bay. If 40 jars I have to make sure I can get my hands on good mandarins before I can commit to it. Let me know amounts and by when you need it.


    1. Hi Charlotte,

      I have a small selection of flavors at Locale Market. I think currently they stock caramelized red onion relish, bourbon peach, apples in calvados jelly, blueberry orange ginger and carrot cake jam. I would gladly bring some to you if you let me know what flavors you are interested in. thanks for your interest, Claudia


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